Teachers Orientation program 10 August 2019 Hyderabad

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Alhamdulillah Today’s Programme on Educational Awareness at Mayor Hall Andheri West took place successfully and smoothly. Nearly 45 to 50 schools principals and 30 Trustees and other prominent personalities related with Education fields attended the Program. The Program was very thought provoking and covering all aspects of the core issues of Educational backwardness. All the participants affirmed their resolution of continuous and concrete steps to uplift and Improve the Educational status of Urdu medium schools and Students. I am thankful and pray from my love for All Persons who contributed invaluably to make this Program a Great Success and Hopefull beginning. May Allah Tala reward All Responsible persons of Mumbai Metro. AIITA¬† JIH Mumbai City EDUCATION COMMITTEE Members and sympathizers. Umrae Muquami. Male and Female volunteers brethren. I hope this invaluable contribution ,co operation and Mutual understanding will continue to flourish the Aims and Objectives of Education Committee JIH MUMBAI CITY. Jazakallahu khairan Kaseera.




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