Policy Program




1. AIITA will invite the attention of teachers, students, managements, parents and the government to create a better educational and moral environment in the Institutions.
2. AIITA will pay special attention to strengthen and spread its message, so that it can influence the people.
3. AIITA will try to resolute the lives of its members on the line of Islamic Teachings.
4. AIITA will see that its members perform their duties with sincerity, diligence, honesty and sense of responsibility.
5. AIITA will try to inculcate the taste of study and research in its members.
6. AIITA will try to remove immoral practices from our educational system, will keep an eye on govt. educational policies and will endeavor to remove the objectionable matters from the syllabus with the cooperation of other like-minded organizations.
7. AIITA, with the cooperation of other like-minded organizations will try to solve the problems relating to the teacher community, education system and the govt. education policies.
8. AIITA will struggle to fight for the just rights of teachers with the cooperation of other like-minded organizations.
9. AIITA will try to prevent the exploitation of teachers and practice of allotting non-teaching duties to teachers.
10. AIITA will present the principles of Islam before the citizens of this country and will try to remove misunderstandings about Islam.
11. AIITA will pay special attention to bring more and more women folk in its members’ fold.
12. AIITA will try to develop a true understanding of education among the muslim and other backward communities.



1. Every member of AIITA will pay special attention to fulfill his/her obligations towards teaching and will try to bring near and organize those who agree with the aims and objects of AIITA.
2. Every member will inculcate good relations with other teachers and will try to spread the message of AIITA among them and will try to remove the misunderstandings about AIITA.
3. He / She will teach the subject having in mind the Islamic Perspective.
4. Special attention will be paid to Future Teachers i.e. those who are undergoing Teacher Training Courses like B. Ed., D.Ed.
5. AIITA will try to bring out a six monthly publication specially for teachers.
6. Members will try to have pleasant relationship with management.

Note:- Local Units may adopt suitable methods to achieve goals.
For Example:
• Educational Awareness Programs
• Distribution of Best Teacher Awards
• Workshops
• Seminars
• Symposia
• Lectures
• Training Camps


1. Zone / Centre will make critical study of contemporary syllabi and try to improve its contents.
2. Every unit will try to establish a library containing suitable books and periodicals.
3. For developing the skills following activities may be undertaken:
• Extension Lectures
• Essay Competitions
• Providing help for the Education Literacy work of the teachers
• Publication of articles on the educational topics


1. AIITA will struggle for just causes, rights and problems of teachers with the help of other organizations
2. AIITA will try to prevent harmful exploitation of teachers


1. A list of experts in different subjects will be prepared. Efforts will be made to bring up more experts
2. Following activities may be taken at Unit Level
• Felicitation of brilliant students
• Awards to best teachers
• Cooperation with parent associations
• Free distribution of books and free coaching to needy students
• Juma sermons on the topics of education


1. Every member will follow the Code of Conduct described in the Constitution of AIITA.
2. Members will be provided training on mental ability, and on topics on education, morality, ethics and Islam.
3. Every unit will hold monthly training camps for members.
4. A training camp will be held on district level every six months
5. A camp on Zonal level for local and district presidents and secretaries will be held during the term
6. A training camp on central level will e held
7. Members will keep the following books under study:
(All the Books are in Urdu)
a. Muhammad (PBUH) as a Teacher (Naeem Siddiqui)
b. Ahya-e-Islam Aur Muallim (Khurram Murad)
c. Fun-e-Taleem-O-Tarbiyat (Afzal Husain)
d. Theory of Islamic Education (Prof. Khursheed Ahmad)
e. Taleem Ki Ahmiyat (Allama Yusuful Qarzawi)
f. Shahra-he-Zindagi Par Kamyabi ka Safar (Basheer Juma)
g. Secular Muashere Mein Muslamanon Ki Hikmat Amali (Khurram Murad)


1. Aims and objects of AIITA will be spread among the Teacher community and those who agree with them will be brought to the fold of AIITA
2. It will be tried that each district has at least one AIITA unit
3. Every member will try to bring at least ten new persons in the fold of AIITA
4. It will be tried that teachers of Madarsas are also brought in the fold of AIITA
5. It will be tried that lady teachers are also brought in the fold of AIITA
6. Wherever possible a woman secretary will be appointed.
7. An All India Campaign will be held
8. Baitulmals will be established at Unit, Zonal and Central Levels.
9. Special attention will be given to the zones where AIITA is week and those where AIITA does not exist
10. Efforts will be made to establish AIITA in Kerala Zone