National CC and All SAC Meet 9th 10th June 2019, Delhi

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Central Council (C.C) and all States Advisory Council (SAC) meet,

Delhi 9th and 10th June 2019

AIITA organized two days program to discuss the proposed constitutional amendments on 9th and 10th June 2019. In this program, Central Council (CC) and all State Advisory Council (SAC) Members of fourteen states of the country participated. The program was commenced with tazkir of Dr. Raziul Islam Nadvi (Secretary JIH). Murshid Ali (General Secretary AIITA) welcomed all the participants and explained the purpose and importance of this program. A lecture on “Insight of Leadership” was delivered by Dr. Javed Zafar (Research coordinator CSR). Jb Abdur Rahim (President AIITA Maharashtra) delivered an interactive program’’ SIDHI BAAT (AIITA SAC) KE SAATH”. In this program, informative questions and answers about the constitution were very impressive.

After lunch, a motivational Tarana was presented by Khalid Hussain (President AIITA T.S). Then a session on approval of constitutional amendments was started. Murshid Ali (General Secretary AIITA) concluded and has taken the approval of constitutional amendments from the house. Alhamdulillah, finally all the amendments were approved. After Asar Namaz introduction and visit of JIH campus was organized by Inamur Rahman (Media Secretary AIITA).

The second day was particularised for lectures on education and teachers guidance. Following were the topics:

“Setting organizational Priorities” Yasin Zaki (Vice President AIITA).

Financial Management in Organizations”

Abdul Bari Momin (Finance Secretary AIITA).

“Team Spirit and Organizational Strength”

Inamur Rahman (Media secretary AIITA).

“New Education Policy Concerns and Prospects”

Sri Amrish Rai (National Convener RTE Forum).

“New Trends in Education” Prof Akhtar Siddiqui (Former Chairman NCTE).

‘’Role of Teachers in Present Scenario” Abdul Waheed (President JIH Delhi).

JIH president Jb Sayed Sadatullah Husaini gave a fruitful lecture on education. He referenced the Delors report 1996 who gave the concept of four pillars of education.

  1. Learning to know
  2. Learning to do
  3. Learning to be
  4. Learning to live together.

He emphasized on learning to be. Presidential remarks were given by Prof. Anwar Khan (President AIITA).In the last vote of thanks by Abdul Qadir (President AIITA Delhi)

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