AIITA Telangana President Khalid Qaisri addressing SIO round table meet.

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SIO Telangana Organised a roundtable meeting to discuss the disorders in the intermediate exam and increasing suicides among students. AIITA Telangana President Khalid Qaisri and Farooq Tahir(AIITA T.S Legal advisory convener)participated In this meeting. Both expressed their feelings relating to this event in front of SIO members.

Khalid Qaisri said that life is a precious gift given by ALLAH. We have no right to do suicide if we do so it is a grave sin. Allah will ask about this commission in the Day of Judgment. In recent time education is linked to material gain and it caused disorders in our society. The purpose of education is to reform ourselves and to get the pleasure of Allah. Nowadays parents are putting pressure on children to struggle for status. They ignore their latent talent and push them to worldly gain. And we know it brings children into pressure if they fail to achieve that status. The result comes before us in the form of suicide. The need of the hour is to guide students and lead them towards spiritual education. This necessitates government’s responsibility at first then those organizations who are working for the betterment of education. Alhamdulillah AIITA is persistently trying to guide students and promote ethics among them. There is a need here to eradicate materialism from education and to develop spiritual guidance among them. Due to government’s unconcern lives are lost. We request from the government that he should take bold steps against those who were found involved in spreading disorders during exams.

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