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AIITA is a national association of teachers in India that was established to acquaint teachers with their esteemed status and role as teachers in society.

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Allah the Exalted has blessed man with great bounties of knowledge and wisdom. He taught how to worship and obey his Creator and Master, and to purify and mould his character on moral footing. Islam attaches utmost importance to knowledge. The Shari’ah of Allah was revealed to His Prophets in the form of Books, which were rendered in black and white with the help of a pen (Surah al-Alaq: 4-5).

Pen and book both are symbols of knowledge. Linking Revelation with Pen and Book in itself proves that the very foundation of Deen is on knowledge. A study of human history reveals that the greatest quality nations and groups, blessed with superiority and leadership, had was that they, compared to others, had been far ahead in the pursuit of knowledge and learning of the time. We can appreciate it well in the case of the Islamic Revolution.

Today it is generally considered that education is solution to every kind of problem. However, individuals and society the present system of education has produced have created problems more than solving them. The real cause thereof is keeping education from its fundamental objective. Today generally people receive education with a view to earning livelihood. Therefore, the entire focus of education, and total attention of educational institutions as well, is on providing such a system of education and training as can help best every person win his bread. This system is running on the model devised by materialists, and is producing nothing but consumers. Inculcating human values or character building is almost alien to this materialistic system of education. Education for earning livelihood may hold some water, and of course it does; however it should not be the be-all and end-all of receiving education. The basic objective of education is personality development. Receiving a professional degree through education is something additional. The real objective of education is to awaken consciousness and to acquaint man with the realities that can help him lead his life in wider perspective. The objective of education is to produce good citizens, responsible human beings and God-fearing Muslims.

Whether it is a school or madrasa, college or university, it does not provide man with complete knowledge, nor can it do. Its function is to give man right perspective of life, in the light of which he can pursue in future his academic journey in right direction so much so that he might attain the height of education. Human potentiality keeps on growing. Hence perpetual continuation of his academic journey. In this situation it is important that he gets the right direction of study and inference in the early stage, or, in other words, the formative period of life. This direction he gets from teachers and the institution he studies in. An able teacher is a living library that provides best guidance for students.

Teaching is a sacred and respectable profession. So teachers are held in high esteem. A teacher is not only a source of education for individuals but proves instrumental in reconstruction of society and reform of era as well. Consequently, as the status of a teacher is high and lofty, his responsibility too is huge. The teacher who realises his responsible position is a teacher in the real sense, and is thus respectable. And one who doesn’t is not a teacher but a mere employee.

The fact remains that knowledge is a very great bounty Allah the Exalted has entrusted teachers with. Therefore, where the Qur’ān held the recitation of the Qur’ān, purgation of self, and imparting knowledge of the Book and Wisdom as important responsibilities of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) [Surah al-Jumah: 2], and said that he taught believers all that they knew not; the Prophet introduced himself as the Teacher of Humanity [Mishkat, Kitab al-Ilm]. While in the Blessed Prophet’s introducing himself as a Teacher there is some stroke of sanctification for teachers, this introduction demands fulfilment of a great responsibility on their part. Therefore, a good teacher is man-maker and character-builder. While teaching is man-making, it is also a Prophetic obligation. The first university of the Islamic world was the courtyard of Masjid-e-Nabavi, the students of which are known as Ashaab-e-Suffa who brought about such a great revolution the kind of which human history fails to present.

This great, historical revolution was caused of course by a teacher. The need is to study the various branches of learning in conjunction with the Holy Qur’ān. While in teaching natural sciences we touch upon distribution of resources and cyclic effect therein, we should also teach students what guidance the Holy Qur’ān gives us in this regard. While teaching business and commerce, teach Qur’ānic injunctions on the subject and highlight their significance and efficacy as well. This is the only way we can produce the Muslims who would be Muslims in totality; and to them the Deen of Allah would not be confined to the mosque or mufti, rather it will prove a practical guide in all their worldly affairs. This will be the Muslim Ummah that had been brought, to an extent, to a naught about one thousand years ago, and the impacts of whose glory can be witnessed even today from the University of Timbuktu to the walls and other remains of Baghdad, Gharnata, Qartaba and Istanbul. If the teachers of today adopt the way of teaching of that Great Teacher of Humanity (peace and blessings of Allah be to him), give right direction to their students, and mould their character on Islamic footing, the dream of educational renaissance may be translated into reality.

All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) has been established keeping in view this lofty objective so that teachers may be acquainted with their position and status, may have consciousness of the delicacies of their responsible position, and be reminded of their forgotten lesson. All this is to help them perform the Prophetic duty of teaching in the best possible manner and thereby emerge successful here in this world and be saved from the chastisement of Allah in the hereafter.